Who is Mrs Smiley?

Based in Melbourne, Mrs Smiley comes from a long history of traditional Jewellers and Watchmakers, five generations in fact. While studying under her father, Mrs Smiley stumbled down a new path, creating new from old.

This new style wasn't something that happened intentionally, rather it became a very genuine and real expression of Mrs Smiley herself. This is why all of Mrs Smiley's objects are so beautiful, they are a true pronouncement of her life, love and happiness.

The team at Mrs Smileys are constantly designing, making and releasing new pieces however nothing is mass produced, therefore it is recommended that you don't leave your purchase to the last minute as it can not be guaranteed what will be available. Mrs Smiley only ever uses original vintage lockets and occasionally some designs are re-released depending on the availability of that particular style of locket.

A message from Mrs Smiley...

"I’m very delighted to share my work with you. It is a true reflection of my love for all things vintage. I hope it brings as much joy to you when you wear one of my pieces, as it did for me when I created it."


Mrs Smiley

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